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Tiled Trash to Perfectly Plaid

Welcome to the White Lab House! Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture and thought to yourself, “That thing is straight outta the 80’s”? When I saw this hot mess of a table on our local swap and shop for free, I knew instantly we could transform it from a tiled mess to an updated farmhouse treasure. I’m sure you have seen this type of table before, shiny white tiles surrounded by dated orange honey oak wood.

Our oldest daughter decided this was going to be her project and got to work sanding the sheen off of the tiles with 40 grit sandpaper on our orbital sander. This was enough to take the shine off and give the paint something to adhere to. A coat of primer and she was all set to start painting.

She thought the legs and the wood surrounding the tile should be the darkest and chose a gorgeous charcoal color called Black Chiffon by Clark and Kensington. Enter in lots of painters tape. She sectioned off the tiles to be painted in a medium grey color called Charcoal Cashmere and a white color called Chalk, both by Clark and Kensington as well.

The end product is a beautiful farmhouse table finished in a classic buffalo plaid design. Seriously, who doesn’t love the clean lines of a good plaid? Not bad for a free table and 3 cans of sample paint.

By the way, Duke the lab, highly approves!

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